Inter State Treaties/Agreements
Sl. No. Agreement Treaty/ Agreements To View
1 Agreement reached between the Chief Ministers of Hariyana and Rajasthan and the Governor of Punjab & Government of India Regarding Supply of cooling waterfor Ropar Thermal Power station and commissioning of the Anandpur Sahib Hydel project. View
2 Agreement on Construction of Bhakra Nangal Project b/w Punjab & Rajasthan in January 1959. View
3 Final order and Decision of Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT) View
4 Award of Govt. of India 15th Jan 1982, on Rajasthan's claim to convey 0.57 MAF of water through SYL/ Bhakra System and Rajasthan's claim to convey 0.57MAF of water through Sutlej-Yamuna link/ Bhakra system. View
5 Agreement between Rajasthan and Gujrat for the Explaination of Mahi River (dt. 10th Jan, 1966) received under U.O. no. II-13(1)/61 dt 12.04.66 ( Duly retified by both states) View
6 Record of the Decisions arrived at the interstate - Conference on the development & utilisation of the waters of the rivers Ravi and  Beas held in room no. 12 north block, new Delhi on 29th jan 1955. View
7 Agreement of 31st Dec. 1981 on allocation of surplus Ravi Beas waters and implementation of Sutlej Yamuna link canal project b/w Punjab , Hariyana and Rajasthan. View
8 Terms of Agreement subject to the confirmation of the secretary of state in council between the British Govt. and the Govt. of his highness the Nawab of Bahawalpur and hiss highness the Maharaja of Bikaner regarding the irrigation of the tracts commanded and economically irrigable from the Gharra reach of the Sutlej river and from the Punjab reach of Chenab river View
9 Memorandum of Understanding b/w Utter-Pradesh, Hariyana , rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and National Capital Territory of Delhi regarding allocation of surface flow of Yamuna -signed by Chief Ministers of basin states on 12th May, 1994. View