Sl. No.  Orders 
1 Information regarding PIL no 10522-2015 and PIL no 10528-2015
2  Additional Charge of CE, CAD (West) dated 29.06.2018
3 Additional Charge of SEs dated 20.07.2018 
4 Additional Charge of CE, NCP Sanchore dated 28.11.2018
5 Additional Charge of ACE, WR Zone Jodhpur dt 08.04.2019
6 Additional Charge of EE Water Cources Div. II, IGNP, Jaisalmer dt 30 .4.2019
7 Additional Charge of SE, Stage -II, Circle_III, IGNP, Jaisalmer dt 4.06.2019  
8 Additional Charge of ACE(Quality Control & Regulation IGNP, Bikaner) dated 23.07.2019
9 Additional Charge of A En dated 31.07.2019
10 Additional Charge of CE, SWRPD,Jaipur dated 29.08.2019
11 Additional Charge Order of SE & Ex En dated 10.10.19
12 Amendment Order of Sh. Nagendra Singh, (J.En.)
13 Additional Charge Order of Chief Engineer, NCP, Sanchore dt 08.03.2020
14 Additional Charge Order of Chief Engineer, Jodhpur dt 14.05.2020
15 Additional Charge Order of Addl Chief Engineer, NCP, Sanchore dt 14.05.2020
16 Additional Charge Order of SE, WR Circle, Jodhpur dt 02.06.2020
17 NOC for NHAI Order dt 01.06.2020
18 Additional Charge of Ex En, WR Div. Jalore dt 30.06.2020
19 Additional Charge of SE, WR Circle, Nohar dt 30.06.2020
20 Additional Charge of SE (PM), O/o CE, WR, Rajasthan, Jaipur 30.06.2020
21 Additional Charge of SE, Regulation Division, IGNP, Bikaner dt 30.06.2020
22 Additional Charge of EE  order dated 15.12.2020
23 Additional Charge of EE & A.En. order dated 18.01.2021
24 Additional Charge of EE Order dated 02.02.2021
25 Additional Charge of Assistant Engineer WR Division Bikaner Division dated 03.03.2021
26 Additional Charge  of Ex En (L& PO) New Delhi order dt 16.03.2021
27 Deputation order of Assistant Engineers ( for quality control work of IGNP canal relining during closure) dated 22.03.2021
28 Deputation order of Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineers & Junior Engineers ( for  execution of work under RWSRPD Project  during canal closure) dated 05.04.2021
29 Deputation Order of  Assistant Engineers dated 06.04.2021
30 Deputation Cancellation of Junior Engineer (Sh. Kamlesh Kumar Bairwa) dated 08.04.202
31 Extention in joining time, on deputation  of J.En. ( Sh. Saurabh Sharma)  Order dated 08.04.2021
32 Deputation Order dated  18.06.2021
33 Additional Charge of Superintending Engineer,WR Circle Dugarpur Order dated 30.07.2021
34 Suspension Order of Assistant Engineer (Sri Niwas Ruhela) dated 01.09.2021
35 Additional Charge of SE & EE Order dated 08.11.2021
36 Additionl Charge of A En, W R North Division, Sriganganagar dt 21.12.2021
37 Additional Charge of Executive Engineers  order dated 20.01.2022 
38 Additional Charge of Add. Chief Engineer(RWSLIPD) dated 23.03.2022 
39 Additional Charge of Quality related inspection of construction work under CE IGNP Bikaner and CE CAD (WEST) order dated 22.09.2022 new